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Moving To Savannah, GA, Tips, And Advice

Are you planning on moving to Savannah, GA? There is always that time of the year when you must tour different places. Savannah, GA, is a city with beaches and rivers and the ocean if you love water. You can never go wrong by traveling here. However, before you go, here are tips and advice.

Moving savannah georgia

What Should I Know Before Moving To Savannah GA?

1. Housing

Savannah, GA, has been growing, and word is spreading about it and this among the main reason you need a guide. Currently, the housing market is hot since the prices rose by 5.2% in 2018. If you are looking for cheaper housing, it is wise to buy or rent further inland as the houses are more expensive along the coastline.

2. Reduce Expenses

The primary expenses in Savannah, GA, cost a bit less than the national average. To maintain a modest lifestyle, you will need to live in an affordable place and reduce groceries cost by buying at the farmers market. Consider expenses on transport, health care, utilities, clothing, or repairs when spending money.

3. Parking

Parking in Savannah, downtown, has been challenging over the years and also expensive. You can take a cab or don’t take your vehicle when going downtown to avoid the chaos.

4. Weather And Natural Disasters

Savannah has a subtropical climate where summers are brutally hot, and winters are mild. July and August are the hottest, with temperatures of 90 degrees during the day and 70 degrees at night. Winters range from 40- 60 degrees. There rarely is snowfall, but hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes are a problem. Buy flood insurance for this case.

5. Economy And Job Market

Savannah, Ga, currently has a bursting economy and job market. The unemployment rate is at 4.1%, which is higher than the national average of 3.6% in the United States. Savannah is least in the manufacturing, port (has the 5th largest port in the country), and transport industry. These are also the leading job markets where one can seek employment.

5. Transportation

Walking is the most frequent means of transport for visitors as they go sightseeing. Savannah, GA, is also a very bike-friendly city with a bike rental system that you can use to run errands, commute, and tour.

6. The Government Also Runs Shutter And Ferry Services

Savannah Ga is an accessible city that you will love touring the marinas, docks, and historical monuments. It is filled with culinary culture with creative eats of the seafood. You will love how people love dogs and the beautiful beaches. Remember, the summers are brutal and carry sunscreen.

Is Savannah GA safe 2021?

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