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Best Tips For Moving In Winter

The winter season is usually the low or off-season for most moving companies. It is clever to move during this season as you have various preferred dates to choose from. If you are in Savannah, GA, wanting to make a move, the following are the best tips for moving in winter.

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Moving In Winter Tips

1. Call the movers

You should confirm the picked date with the movers two weeks before the move, then a day or two before the actual move since winter weather is unpredictable.

2. Checking the weather.

Winter periods are unpredictable. Snowfall can shut down the roads making a move impossible. Talk with your moving company about any concerns about the weather. Communicate for any rescheduling necessary depending on the patterns.

3. Cover the floor

Moving during winter will dirty your house from the wet outside, snow and sand. Cover your wood floor with plastic tarps and cardboard sheets for the carpeted areas. Floor covers will reduce the dirt from all the movement.

4. Clear the sidewalk /driveways

Snow being on your sidewalks and driveways is risky, especially for the movers carrying bulk equipment. Icy sidewalks can cause accidents and injuries. Use salt or snowblowers for safety and avoiding a lawsuit.

5. Schedule with snow plowing

If you are moving on the day of snow plowing, make sure the moving trucks park away from the ice plow route. The moving trucks hence will not be blocked which can cut short your plan.

6. Keep warm

Keeping warm during winter is healthy and also more productive. You cannot carry boxes with frozen fingers. Make some hot chocolate or tea to stay warm inside for you and the movers. Dress up warm with gloves and scarves too.

7. Take care of fragile items

Fragile items become brittle during the cold weather. You should double pack these fragile items to avoid damages.

8. Extra care on electronics

Electronics do not like cold weather. Pack electronics in one or two boxes, travel with them in your car where it is warmer and maintain steady temperatures.

9. Winter essentials

Pack up boxes of clothing for the cold weather separating and keep them close. Include pillows, sleeping bags, snow boots, gloves, laying coats in your car in case the weather changes.

10. Confirm utilities

Make sure utilities for the new home are functional and turned on. It's winter, and it would be unfortunate to have a cold house with no running water.

Is It Hard To Move During The Winter?

If there is no other time to move than during winter, the upsides are many as you could get moving services at a lower cost and have options when selecting moving companies. However, remember not to settle for any moving company only to get disappointed at the end.

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